Surprise Care

12133 W. Bell Rd. Suite 101, Surprise, AZ, United States 85378

(623) 244 - 8797

    Surprise Care is a premier primary care medical establishment, dedicated to the practice of Direct Primary Care, often referred to as “Concierge Medicine.” Our unique approach ensures that comprehensive medical care is accessible and affordable, catering to individuals and families spanning various age groups. With a modest monthly fee of just $69 per adult, our commitment to healthcare transcends traditional boundaries. Notably, our “in-network” with everyone policy makes a significant difference. Unlike many, we don’t send bills to third-party insurance companies. This empowers YOU, the patient, to have the ultimate choice in selecting your healthcare provider, free from the constraints of insurance companies. Choose to become a valued member of Surprise Care today, and you’ll be met with the promise of priority care tailored to your needs. For inquiries or to start your journey with us, reach out at 623-244-8797.

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